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It is always a good thing when a New Year starts off with Chocolate!

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With any new year ~ comes a feeling of ‘making order’ in our home and lives…..and once again I wanted to get back on track with Serving Sunday Dessert….and what better way to start than with a Chocolate Tart.

I believe I have as many cooking and baking books as I do painting books.  So I searched thru a few and found this Chocolate Tart in amongst one of my handmade cookbooks ~ the print out said 2015.  It was time to make the Tart for Sunday Dessert.

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If you follow along on FaceBook you will see that I purchased the Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chips (called for in the Recipe) while grocery shopping…..much to my surprise the Chips were $7.64 for a 20oz bag…’YIKES I thought‘ ~ I didn’t know they had specialty chocolate in the grocery isle!  If I was going to splurge it would have been on my favorite Wilbur Chocolate….but I digress.  I had the chips and I crossed my fingers that it would be Sweet Goodness.

….and it was.  


Sure to be a favorite to make again and again…..and yes, I would buy the chips again.  It was a good chocolate, admit-ably so.

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Life is just to short not to eat good Chocolate….here is a link to the recipe!  

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Make it special with a cookie cutter and powered sugar….only takes an extra second but makes it extra special to serve to your guests!  Place the cookie cutter onto the Tart, sprinkle with powered sugar and lift the cutter cutter away…..

Do you have a favorite Chocolate to bake with?


Here is a little sneak peek at an upcoming blog post…..I just had to share because I am lovin’ this ‘Denim’ look so much!

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The post will have Valentine Vignettes with Snowmen, Shopping, a How-To Denim Video with Paint, Links to fun projects, Milk Paint and Decorative Cookies!  Oh-My!

Keep following….sharing the Art-full Life!

Coming Soon ~ Vintage and Walmart, Chalkboard Floor Cloths, Bedroom Redo Update, New Patterns, Shop Classic Cottage with Amy

4 thoughts on “Serving Chocolate Tart

  1. Good chocolate is a sweet indulgence that we need at times. I am a firm believer in “quality not quantity” and would rather spend a little more on something excellent and have LESS of it, than have more of the cheap stuff. Certain things are special and it is nice that you can feel pampered and special for under $10. 😉 It looks scrumptious! 😀

    1. It was certainly delicious!🙂❤️

  2. I use thier dipping chocolates all the time, they are my favorite. I also like them for thier business practices.

    1. It was well worth the splurge! Oh….and I just loved your peanut butter balls…yummo!

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