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Creativity has spilled over into the making of Candles ~ with delicious scents and pretty packaging to ‘warm your home and melt your heart‘.

Toasted Marshmallow with a hint of Cocoa‘ is our newest homespun addition…..a nostalgic scent to take you home and live in your memories.

This scent had me revisiting fond memories of my younger days camping with my family, storytelling around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows ~ in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania around Lake Wallenpaupack.

We’ve added a ‘hint of Cocoa’ just because….

Remembering times with my Dad and Siblings ~ sitting around our kitchen table with a toaster, with homemade Cocoa and mayonnaise bread ~ toasted for dunkin’…..yes mayonnaise toast. makes for sweet memories!

Cocoa and Marshmallows ~ go hand in hand of couse.

The ‘Cocoa To Go‘ Artful Design (on the labels) can be found here, in acrylics ~ to create a candle trivet or lid topper for your candles or to hold a mug of Cocoa with Marshmallows too!

The makings of a heart-felt homemade gift!

Read all about our Candle beginnings (here) and (here).

Shop for our Candles (here).

Shipping is included for all on-line orders ~ multiple item orders ~ partial shipping costs will be refunded.
Candles also available for pick-up from our Home Studio, please contact ahead.

shown below are Three Homespun Scents and a sneak peek at ‘Matilda’ our next new scent to melt your heart!

Our ‘Cottage‘ Line of Candles are to remind you of the Comforts of Home with Photography from the pages of this Blog ~ Homespun and Heart Warming too …new additions coming soon.

Along with our Candles such as ‘Toasted Marshmallow‘ and ‘Chocolate Bunny‘ ~ sharing Art-full Images and Gift Ideas to Create!

Warm Your Home, Melt Your Heart

and simply Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Matilda Candles, Santa Lights The Way, Just Add Sprinkles, and Serving Donuts!

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