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Our new ‘Cottage Kitchen’ Candles have been hand poured, cured and batch tested.

simply for you to enjoy the soft fragrance of a warm apple cake fresh from the oven…..reminding me of the scent of Aunt Martha’s summer cottage kitchen at the lake.

Each candle is created with melted and hand-poured soy wax with cotton wicks and fragrance added ~ a beautiful balance of blended fragrance to enjoy your candle.

The labeling and packaging is chosen for its Classic Cottage appeal…including Art & Photography from ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘.

Enjoy our 8oz jars and tarts,

along with our newest 4oz jars and Cottage Jar Candles too.

The Candles are available thru local pick up and on-line ordering (here), and during any Home Studio Workshop….and coming soon thru Downtown Event sales!

Visit us thru the Wine Festival in Middleport, PA on September 24, 2022!

Our next scent is ‘Blue Jean Cottage’ ~ as comfy as your favorite pair of blue jeans.

and coming soon ~ Creative Candle Plates, Gift Sets and Gift Packaging too!

Creativity doesn’t end at the tip of a paintbrush, learn more about our ‘Candle Making’ thru our first scent blog posting ‘Chocolate Bunny’ (here).

Simply Enjoy


Coming Soon ~ Flower Frogs, Garden Updates, Halloween Keepsake Journal, Fine Tuning, Life Choices and so much more!

7 thoughts on “Cottage Kitchen Candle

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  2. So lovely! Just love our “Chocolate Bunny” candle! Nothing like a scent of home to make us feel cozy!

    1. thank you Barbara! So happy you are enjoying the candle!

  3. Wish you the best with your new endeavor

    1. Thank you Jane…lovin’ it! And Jerry is involved too, hee-hee!

  4. They look YUMMY! Best of luck with them, Amy! <3

    1. Thank you Sheila! Lovin’ the creativity with candle scents!

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