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Mikes Deer 2

Mike, a good friend, approached me in October 2013 with a photo of an ol’ vintage outdoor Santa and Reindeer he found on Craigslist/Ebay, it reminded him of days gone by, a memory of the same Santa and Reindeer from his youth!  He asked me before making the purchase if I would be able to create the same Santa and Reindeer if he would make the cut-outs (being the Master Craftsman that he is). The original was in rough shape (see below image) and the wood had seen better days but Mike was willing to order it for us to work on this project….without hesitation, knowing he is a good friend and I can count on my Decorative Painting skills to do this…I said YES…

Mikes Deer 8
mikes deer 4

YES ?????? What are you thinking Amy?  My mouth was saying yes, my mind was saying ‘Are you kidding me?….., when do you think you will have time to do this?’ !!!!

Mike made the purchase, cut out 4 deer and Santa in the sleigh, handed it to me the day after Thanksgiving 2013 and said you have 364 days…..Oh’ that sounded awesome…a whole year!!!!!

Being the Decorative Painter that I am, biting off more than I can chew, procrastinating, staring at the BIG project daily….I waited until about day 334 !….yep, 1 month….Why oh, Why do I do this!

Still working a full time job, teaching and designing for ‘Classic Amy Joanne’, I knew I needed to paint it and it was now or never, so I planned a few vacation days and I started… husband generously gave up a portion of his workspace in the basement,  lined up the deer and Santa and I began…..

mikes deer 6

I put my Decorative Painting Skills to work, traced and transferred the design from the original onto Mike’s cut-outs and painted and painted and painted….

Mikes deer 7

and it is complete…1 week before Thanksgiving 2014!

Mikes Deer 3
Mikes Deer 1

Happy with the results…take note of Mikes craftsmanship…he placed vintage Christmas bulbs within the holes and the deer are even flying!

10 more days until Santa arrives…..

Merry Christmas

PS:  Note to all Decorative Painters….if you see someone with a photo walking towards you, run fast in the opposite direction! LOL

5 thoughts on “Santa and His Reindeer

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  2. Marilyn Gray says:

    Love it! You did a wonderful job! I would love to have a pattern for this, although I don’t know if my hubby would agree to the cutouts, lol! Nice!

    1. Thanks Marilyn….

  3. Carol Henry says:

    Wow, Amy, you did a beautiful job!!

    1. Thank you Carol….

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