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I am Classic Amy Joanne and I was born on February 6, 2014. I am the blog from Amy Joanne Mogish’s creative heart and mind, with all the dreams, hopes and desires for sharing creative happiness.

Feels like just yesterday the Classic Amy Joanne blog was created in Jane Allen’s kitchen (remember Jane?) searching for website presence, domain names, email addresses and social media pages.

There were many many many steps leading up to this day ~ 30 years of learning, traveling, growing, creating, struggling, with some growing pains too. It was time….time for ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ to become a business. This is the day Classic Amy Joanne appeared as a blog, as an email and as a FaceBook person and business.

This story could read as long as the novel ‘War & Peace’ ~ from my first painting class to today’s creative biz…..but for today ~ enjoy reading snippets of a few favorites, the first post and most popular from the creative business called Classic Amy Joanne.


This is the very first published photo and a link to the very first blog post. Get ready….this is a show stopper.

Click ‘here’ for the very first blog post of Classic Amy Joanne.

Oh My.

Please don’t judge….we all gotta start somewhere, lol!

The blog has grown alot since those first days….and creative life has happened and been shared.

We have had milestones, number crunching, most popular posts, blog hops, favorite posts and comments. Free patterns, how-to’s, life stories, DIY’s, Studio tours, Paint, Pencil and Recipe Card Projects too. There has been ‘Classic Copies’, Shopping, ‘Recipe Card Project’, Autumn Vignettes, ‘Heartfelt, Handmade, and Homespun’, along with introductions to Classic Chalk Art and Classic Cling Rubber Stamps.

not to mention ~ pretty photos and heartfelt stories and alotta creativity…..and the joy of sharing.

There is a Welcome Page with ‘About me’ …… a Blog Tab with categories to choose from or simply just scroll thru. There is a Shop tab for all your favorites in Acrylics, Colored Pencil, Classic Chalk Art and Classic Cling Rubber Stamps to……and a Workshop page to catch a class or two!

There has been changes in appearance and changes in style ~ with new additions and a few things let-go.

Sharing projects to fill your Heart and Home.

Always Art & Home.


Enjoy some favorites from the blog posts of Classic Amy Joanne

Here are a few links to some ‘free’ designs to create!

Sweet Easter Bunny – click for blog post and free pattern!

a Duck Pull Toy – click for blog post and free pattern!

and Slice of Happy ~ click for blog post and free pattern!


There has been creative DIY’s for your home. Check out a few favorites!

Creating a custom mural for a special little Client. Click below to check out out the details.

The Mural

and the Blue Hutch makeover. Click ‘here’ to see the before and after!

and even a chair make-over. Click for the blog post ‘how-to’!

how about ol’ shutter cafe doors for the Studio? Click and learn.


We’ve had table settings and recipes too

Click here to check out the vintage, new, handmade and inexpensive options to create a fun tablescape!

and fun recipe ideas too! Yum a Chocolate Tart!


And fun stuff like the excitement of opening a ‘brick & mortor’ type Shop within 895 Studio!

Take a look at ‘the shopkeeper’


There have been times of sharing life’s moments

Like ‘My Pap the Artist’ or a ‘Letter to Myself’.


many craft projects too

Market Bags being one of my favorites!


And if you are familiar with Classic Amy Joanne ~ you may have heard of our Creative Clubs!

Most recently the Santa Baubles Christmas Club ~ click and view here’ ~ and purchase ‘here’.

and our very first Club ‘Classic Halloween!’ You can read a little about it here….and still purchase it ‘here’!

Click ‘here’ to discover them all!


And Studio and Home Tours too

Our home is ever changing with fun DIY projects and a dream list! Here is a little tidbit of fun! Click ‘here‘.

or if you like Denim Blue Jeans…check out our Home blog post ‘here’!

and in the Studio, there was the Blue Hutch makeover.

..and a little more Studio progress.


What is a business without new releases right?!?!? Did you catch the Classic Cling Rubber Stamps?….fashioned after the Characters of Paintings!

Read all about the stamps ‘here’….and you can find your favorites to purchase ‘here’!….exclusively sold thru this blog/site!


There has been posts that continue year after year

such as Autumn Vignette’s.

and Holiday Homespun, Handmade and Heartfelt.

oh and of course ~ it’s all in the presentation.


Fun Clients work too

Family Home Samplers created in Paint & Pencil called Custom Builds.

and playing with a vintage outdoor Santa make-over!

and working with other fabulous Artists too….. love all my wonderful friends made thru Art!


The Workshop Tab is filled with wonderful places to visit and things to do. Travel teaching, working thru our local Art Center and most recently in my Home Studio…..a fun place to visit and learn!

Join us ~ click here to see whats new!


…and last but not least, one of my favorite happenings. The monthly ‘Recipe Card Project’ ~ right here on this blog, an inexpensive pattern is offered to you to create ~ along with a video and pretty photos! Create onto a vintage recipe card or pick your own fun surface….the possibilities are endless with ‘food’ Art!

Keep checking back monthly to see what’s new!

Don’t miss a single issue….join us today. Click here to view the last post with links to all the fun designs!

And of course there is always Shopping for your favorite patterns in Acrylics, Colored Pencil or Classic Chalk Art, surfaces and Classic Cling Rubber Stamps too. Simply click the shop tab at the top of the page.


This has been an amazing 6 years of sharing Creativity thru a simple little thing called a Blog. I am looking forward to the next 106 years of creating with you!

Help us hit 200,000 clicks this year! We are at 137,000 and counting! Wohoo! There is so much more planned so stay tuned in….and Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “I’m 6 years old

  1. Lisa Boivin says:

    HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY Amy! All of your personal qualities come through on each blog post as well as your enormous creativity. I’m so grateful the day that I found you on Facebook and then saw your blog. Every time I ordered an item from you it came in the mail packaged with your special Amy touches (especially the blue/white twine 💜.) You are always available to answer questions no matter how silly I think they might be. The customer service that you provide is a courtesy that I treasure in these difficult rush, rush times we live in. I know that you’ll see another six years and more. I look forward to opening up each new post to see what your imagination has come up with. If you ever decide to do instructional videos on a piece, I’d place my order and reserve a spot. Love and peace, Lisa

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! Kind words from friends like you keep the creative energy moving! I am so grateful our paths have crossed ~ and consider your seat reserved if one day I jump into the live creative video world😉😘 what fun that would be ….thanks and hugs 🤗

  2. Jane allen says:

    Happy Birthday wishing you many more years of creative blogging fun! Glad we are artsy friends

    1. I remember the day sitting in your kitchen….so happy to be friends!

  3. Sharon says:

    Happy 6th Birthday my dear friend. Many, many, many more to come!!

    1. I feel so young! Thank you my friend!

  4. Vera Souther says:

    Happy Birthday! I love this blog! Here’s to many more years of creative success and happiness!

    1. Thank you my sweet friend! Can’t wait to meet you one day….I just know it is gonna happen! Happy Creating!

  5. Oh, how I LOVED reading this post! You are so talented in so many ways. Not to mention one of the kindest and most creative designers I know. I am so glad you decided to create Classic Amy Joanne! That is how we became friends! Happy Birthday, Amy! Here’s to the next six years ahead – and beyond! Love you! <3

    1. Thank you my Artsy friend… many of the exciting adventures are with you! Happy for our growing friendship and adventures!

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